Keeping koi (often called "living jewels") in top-quality condition takes dedication and year-round care, but it is a challenge that thousands of koi enthusiasts are happy to accept in pursuit of perfection. They are a fiercely devoted group willing to spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to nurture, show and build their collection.Written by a team of international experts, Koi: A Complete Guide to their Care and Color Varieties contains information and advice that incorporates the latest developments in koi research.Topics include: Purchasing koiBody conformation, deportment, color, pattern, and qualityThe koi pond, including technology, like de-icers and warming tentsWater quality and filtrationKoi physiology, disease prevention, and good nutritionShowing koi, how to achieve optimal health, color and shineBreedingDesigning and building a pondIdentifying the many varieties of koi. This book fulfils the need for a reasonably priced and up to date, expert guide on keeping koi. It is essential selection for all enthusiasts, from excited beginners to koi kichi ("koi crazy").